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It's already time for May's Healthy Newsletter. I have tips
this month to help you ward off the mosquitoes now that
summer is around the corner. I also have the latest
government recalls and safety alerts, and some interesting

Thanks for your interest in staying healthy.

To your health!
Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN


=> How To Beat Those Summer Skeeters
=> Monsanto - Friend or Foe?
=> Did You Know?
=> Q & A with Dr. Hull
=> SafetyAlerts/Government Recalls


Sweet Poison is a must-read for anyone consuming food
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Mosquitoes can be quite annoying and a serious problem when
on man's terrain. They can interfere with work and spoil hours
of leisure time. Their attacks on farm animals can cause weight
loss and decreased milk production. Some mosquitoes transmit
diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, and West
Nile virus (WN) to humans and animals.

Mosquitoes are insects belonging to the order Diptera, the True
Flies. Like all True Flies, they have two wings, but unlike other
flies, mosquito wings have scales. Female mosquito mouthparts
form a long piercing, sucking snout. Males differ from females
by having feathery antennae and mouthparts not suitable for
piercing skin. A mosquito's principal food is nectar or similar
sugar sources.

There are over 2500 different species of mosquitoes throughout
the world with approximately 200 species in the United States
and 77 species in Florida alone. A new species, Anopheles
grabhamii, was reported in the Florida Keys in 2001.
There are many ways to deter mosquitoes from biting you, the
kids, and the family pets, but some methods are more toxic than
others. There are natural repellents, electronic repellents,
traditional repellents, and mosquito traps. And there are some
fun and easy ways to repel these pests ...

Use Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets. Just wipe on and go. This
is great for babies.

Supplement with one vitamin B-1 tablet a day April through
October. Bob, a fisherman, hasn't had a mosquito bite in 33
years using vitamin B-1, also known as Thiamine Hydrochloride.
Add 100 mg. of B-1 to a B-100 Complex daily during the
mosquito season.

Don't eat bananas during mosquito season because the
mosquitoes love bananas! There is something about how your
body processes the banana oil that attracts these female
sugar-loving insects. So stop eating bananas for the summer
and the mosquitoes will be much less interested in you.

One of the best natural insect repellents is Vick's Vaporub®.

Planting marigolds around your yard works great as a bug
repellent because the flowers give off a fragrance bugs do
not like. This is a great way to ward off mosquitoes without
using chemical insecticides.

Campers agree that the very best mosquito repellant is
Avon Skin-So-Soft® Bath Oil mixed half and half with rubbing

One of the best natural insect repellants we use in Texas is
made from the clear liquid vanilla that is sold in Mexico.
It is reported to work great for mosquitoes and ticks, and
spreading a little vanilla mixed with olive oil on your skin
smells great.

Commercial mosquito dunks will kill mosquito larvae before
they become mosquitoes. They are fairly environmentally
sound biological mosquito controls containing no toxic
chemicals. Each dunk affectively treats up to 100 square
feet of surface water regardless of depth for about 30 days.
Dunks may be broken into smaller pieces to treat small
areas. Unused and dried out dunks retain their potency
indefinitely, so you can store extras for the long summer
season. Put them in fountains, ponds, rain gutters, flower
pot trays, and anywhere water may pool.

Citronella soap is a product that started in the Bahamas and
Belize. The soaps are made with olive oil for moisture and
great lather, Aloe Vera to soothe the skin, and citronella oil
to repel mosquitoes. For high intensity protection you can
burn citronella incense. Mosquitoes avoid citronella and they
hate the smoke.

Citronella essential oil (Java Citronella) is considered to be
the highest quality citronella on the market. The best quality
is steam distilled from the grass giving it a fresh, sweet woody
aroma. It blends well with geranium, cedar wood and other
citrus oils. It is 100% pure essential oil - no additives, no
dilutants, no adulteration, safe mosquito repellent.

Electronic repellents utilize one to two sound frequencies to
simulate dragonflies and other male mosquitoes, creating a
competitive environment for the blood-sucking female. These
devices come with Velcro bands for wearing on your wrist or
ankle, on your pocket or belt. This makes for a versatile,
compact unit that you can take anywhere for protection. Some
units even have a built-in red flashlight for nighttime use.

Traditional repellents are the concentrated chemical solutions
such as DEET®, Cutter® or Backwoods OFF®. Each application
lasts four to six hours. When the environment is 'deep woods',
these repellents can make the difference between having a
good time or a miserable time. If chemical repellents are
necessary, protect your eyes and nose from absorbing ambient
spray, protect small children, and bathe as soon as possible to
remove toxic residues.

When all else fails -- get a frog!


Monsanto Chemical Company has recently applied to the FDA
for commercial approval of genetically engineered wheat. This
will have far-reaching effects on farmers, consumers, and the
environment. Organic farmers may face genetic cross-
contamination. Conventional farmers may lose the freedom to
save their seed, as Monsanto will have the right to enforce its
patents. Farmers may also lose overseas markets because
genetically engineered (GMO) grains aren't accepted in most
foreign countries. Prices will probably fall, as have already
occurred with corn.

Monsanto's background is most attention grabbing and
diverse. Monsanto Chemical Company is a leading provider
of agricultural products and incorporated 'solutions' for
farmers. They make Roundup®, the world's best-selling
herbicide, as well as other herbicides. Monsanto produces
leading seed brands, including DEKALB® and Asgrow®, and
they provide farmers and other seed companies with
biotechnology traits for insect protection and herbicide
tolerance. They also are responsible for the creation and
distribution of the Bovine Growth Hormone, and have
deep-rooted connections to the soft drink industry through
the manufacturing of both saccharin and NutraSweet. They
'adopted' NutraSweet when GD Searle Pharmaceuticals
bought them out in 1991.

What are the fine points behind this powerful company and
how did it acquire such dominant world influence and diversity?

Monsanto Chemical Works opened its doors in St. Louis in
1901. In 2001, Monsanto celebrated its 100th anniversary as
a business enterprise.

After 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, John Francis
Queeny, still an employee of Meyer Brothers Drug Company,
sank his savings and money borrowed from a Chicago soft
drink supplier into a new company to produce products for
the food and pharmaceutical industries. He named the
company after his wife, whose maiden name was Olga
Monsanto. The corporate papers were filed on Nov. 29, 1901.

In 1902, Monsanto gained its reputation manufacturing
saccharin, the company's first product. In 1903 to 1905,
their entire saccharin output was shipped to the growing
soft drink company in Georgia called Coca-Cola.
In 1904, Monsanto introduced caffeine and vanillin as products
for the escalating soft drink industry. Initially, vanillin was
produced by extracting a chemical from cloves that were
purchased from the Sultan of Zanzibar who insisted that the
left-over spices be returned to him. Cloves had an important
religious significance in the cremation of bodies, so there
was importance in shipping them back to Zanzibar instead of
disposing of them as waste in the United States.

By 1915, Monsanto's sales surpassed the $1 million mark.
Two years later, the company began the production of
aspirin. Monsanto remained the largest U.S. producer of
aspirin until the 1980s.

In 1917, the U.S. government filed suit over the safety
of saccharin. Filed at Monsanto's request as a test case,
the suit was dismissed in 1925, ending the government's
unsuccessful attempts then to prove saccharin harmful.
In 1981, saccharin was again questioned as a carcinogen,
but no conclusive scientific proof was ever presented. In 2001,
the cancer warning was removed from saccharin products as
saccharin was shown, once again, to be safe for human

Despite saccharin's cancer 'propaganda' in 1981, in 1985
G.D. Searle & Co. purchased Monsanto, taking the company
deeper into pharmaceuticals and the sweetener industry.
NutraSweet, saccharin's competitor, was now owned and
marketed by the same company - Monsanto.

World War II brought Monsanto and the American government
closer together as Monsanto became involved in research
on uranium for the Manhattan Project, which led to the first
nuclear bombs. Later, Monsanto operated the Mound (Ohio)
Laboratory as a nuclear facility for the Federal government
until the late 1980s, and their Dayton Laboratory was used
as a research facility for nuclear-based and other
government-funded projects.

Monsanto was in the petroleum business by 1955, having
acquired Lion Oil primarily to provide themselves petrochemical
raw materials. Lion Oil also put the company into the fertilizer
business, and brought to Monsanto hydrocarbon technology, oil
and gas reserves, and a retail gasoline business. The refinery
and service stations were sold in 1972.

In 1977, Monsanto established a joint petrochemical venture
with Conoco Oil Company at the Chocolate Bayou plant. They
were eventually bought out and the money from the acquisition
fueled their drive to acquire a pharmaceutical company.

At this time, G.D. Searle & Co. had succeeded in getting the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration to finally approve NutraSweet
(aspartame) for the second time, and prepared to purchase
Monsanto in 1985. When Monsanto sold its sweetener business
in 2000, including the NutraSweet brand sweetener, it brought
Monsanto $440 million.

By 1998, Monsanto started buying seed companies and genetic
laboratories. In December 1999, Monsanto and Pharmacia &
Upjohn announced plans to merge the two companies.
Monsanto and Pharmacia & Upjohn completed their merger
on March 31 naming the new company the Pharmacia
Corporation. The agricultural operations within Pharmacia
retain the Monsanto name - the company reknown for
Roundup, the Bovine Growth Hormone, multifarious seed
companies, saccharin and NutraSweet.

So what's in Monsanto's future? The company has formed a
wheat industry advisory committee to provide advice and
counsel on how best to bring forward biotechnology products
in wheat. They have begun posting product safety information
for their current agricultural biotechnology products. Along
with Round Up, they are marketing with widespread availability
the drug, L-DOPA, used today for the treatment of Parkinson's
disease. And they have placed the first U.S. corporate order to
General Motors for pick-up trucks that use ethanol-based E85
fuel, part of a larger initiative to focus new research to
enhance the use of bioenergy.

Ah. Diversity in ownership ...


* New evidence suggests that 25 percent of Americans who
are obese have higher-than-normal levels of free radicals.

* Risperidone is linked to stroke. Cerebrovascular adverse
events, including fatalities, were reported in trials of
risperidone in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis.

* Large urate stones (stones caused by excessive uric acid)
found in the urinary tract can be dissolved by drinking the
juice of one to two lemons a day.

* Most people with gall bladder problems fail to eat
breakfast. That's one reason why a high fiber breakfast
is recommended to start the day - and start the bile juices

* Children in the USA today have twice the levels of certain
pesticides in their systems than adults.

* Most of the salmon you find at the grocery store is
farm-raised, with questionable quality at best. Instead of
living in the open waters, farmed salmon are kept in
captivity - often in some of the most polluted waters in
the world. Plus, they're fed grain rather than the EPA
and DHA rich fish that salmon naturally eat, making them
lower in the all-important Omega-3 fatty acids.
Furthermore, farmed salmon have a strong, astringent
flavor, and the texture leaves a lot to be desired.
The best-tasting and most healthful salmon to buy is
fresh wild Alaskan salmon. I recommend the company
SeaBear that harvests wild salmon from the Alaskan waters.

* The fat content of the average American diet is 42% of


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: aspartame withdrawal symptoms

Q: What are the withdrawal symptoms of aspartame?
I decided to "wean" myself off of diet coke. And today is
the last day. I only had one can and tomorrow I'll have
none. But I have been having the worst headaches all
week. I don't think it's from the caffeine, as I have been
drinking plain iced tea, green teas, etc., but still having
these headaches.

A: Headaches are most common when you stop using
aspartame. It illustrates what burden the body had to bear
with this chemical accumulating within the brain. This
MUST have something to do with the influx of Alzheimer's
and mental disorders as aspartame penetrates the brain
and once inside, does incredible damage over time. You
are merely FEELING the presence of the toxin as it
comes out. This is what your brain has been feeling

Scary, huh?

Q: How long do these symptoms typically last?
A: Two weeks to one month. It depends on where the
toxins have accumulated and how much has accumulated.
Some people have problems in the bowels, some on the skin,
some in the eyes - it is individual to where the damage is
most marked.

Q: Thanks a million for your kindness and caring enough
to publish the facts.

A: With the mass media being pressured to 'manipulate
and ignore' this information due to marketing pressures,
the only way to get this information public is by grassroots
efforts such as we're doing now. Keep spreading the word
and know that with each individual you inform, you may
have saved his or her life. That's all we can do for now,
but at least it keeps the flame from going out.

Q: P.S. I am also in the environmental field. I run the
environmental compliance program for a large firm in the
printing industry. I am also a CHMM!

A: I feel the best nutritionists are geologists and
environmental scientists, as they know how chemicals affect
nature, so they can envision how these same chemicals
affect human environments. It works the same.

Q: P.P.S. I checked out your book from the library over my
lunch hour and have begun to read it. Absolutely amazing.
I had no idea how truly awful this product is. I am sick
(figuratively) that I have drunk diet coke for so many years.
What an idiot I was!!

A: You were merely being led like many sheep to the slaughter,
as most Americans are these days. We must not forget to
stay personally empowered with reason and decisions. We
want to trust others, but must admit the fact that the freedom
of trust is and has been abused in our country. We are faced
with a bigger problem than aspartame - deception and
manipulation of words, facts and information for profit. This
is a great tragedy that is costing many lives, especially those
of children.

When the reality behind this issue surfaces as being that
of individual vs. corporate interests and the corporations
hold the power, individuals must wake up before they lose
their freedom. You almost lost yours through your health.
This is a serious underlying problem with this issue and many,
many others in the health arena today.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Cotton mouth

Q: Lately I have been drinking many more aspartame based
diet sodas. I have recently noticed that I have been getting
the worst case of "cotton mouth". My mouth is more dry after
I drink a soda than it was before. Today I drank
water after a soda - but the cotton mouth won't quit. I also
notice I have dry eyes and a stuffed nose. I thought it might
be a reaction from the aspartame. Is that possible?

If that is what's causing it, I'm definitely gonna stop drinking
them ... Do you have any information you can send me
regarding the detox "method"?

A: Many times drinking colas instead of water will dehydrate
you, but the chemicals in the diet drinks can increase acidity
in the body and knock your blood sugar levels and carbo
cravings out of balance. Many people have reported 'cotton
mouth', dry skin and eyes, vertigo, and headaches. Did
you look over the side effects page on my site?

Aspartame is a chemical 'drug' first discovered as an ulcer
drug. It happened to be sweet and GD Searle had a great
marketing idea, which seemed to work. It indeed has
changed our American diet and created profits in the trillions.
I think it's best to drink mostly water and treat yourself to
a regular cola on occasion. You'll find you feel 'lighter' and
have more energy all around.

Go to this page on my site for the detox process and see if
this helps.

The main thing to do is stop all aspartame and other food
chemicals. Drink lots of water and eat fresh foods. You'll feel
better and some people actually lose weight.

Wishing you well.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: I own a health food store - how can I help?

Q: Oh my God!! All this time gone by and my mother-in-law
is getting more and more ill. I own a health food store, and
the other day it just came to me that this is what is wrong
with her. I got to your website, and lo and behold, there
were the majority of her psychological and neurological
symptoms!! And she's been using Nutrasweet for years, and
sometimes 12 packs in her one bowl of cereal!! I never knew
exactly how much she used until yesterday. And then her
niece, who is an RN and lives in OK, had been diagnosed
with MS, but then they reversed the diagnosis. She suffers
from brain lesions and she drags her foot. I asked my
in-laws to call her and ask if she uses it too!!

Well, the answer is yes. They are both participating in the
detox program you recommend!


But please tell me what is the benefit of the hair analysis
in relation to NutraSweet? And is it OK if the hair is dyed?

And why the hell is Monsanto getting away with this, as if
I even need to ask? I believe that I read elsewhere that a
class action lawsuit has been filed against them. Is that true?
Please advise.

And you have a terrific website. I am sending an email out
to all of my customers and they will hopefully spread the
word! This absolutely infuriates me.

A: A sugar-free, fat-free diet of any kind means several
things: 1) the person wasn't eating correctly, 2) they
weren't drinking enough water, and 3) their bodies more
than likely have been depleted of nutrients. This is where
the hair test comes in - it shows the source of health issues
and the depletion of specific nutrients.

Yes, we can mark the hair as dyed or use pubic hair, which
I do often for people.

Thank you for spreading the word about aspartame to
your customers.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Splenda

Q.Is the product sugar substitute, "Splenda", a suitable
replacement for Aspartame?

A: Yes, and no. It is less harmful than aspartame, but it
is compounded with chlorine as a base, and that has its
demons, too. If you're not diabetic, I'd rather see you
use raw sugar, such as Sucanat® or Turbinato®, the herb
Stevia, or no sugar at all and learn to go with the natural
sweetness of foods. Any processed product that is loaded
with sugar doesn't need to be on your shopping list anyway.

Also, the pink pack is perfectly safe. As I wrote in my book,
saccharin always was and is safe, as the 'one' cancer report
about saccharin was a set-up as it has never caused cancer
in any human - ever. The warning has been lifted, BTW.
The one thing I couldn't uncover was why the saccharin
companies never fought back knowing saccharin is safe.
I finally discovered that Monsanto, one of the mother
companies to NutraSweet, was the original maker of
saccharin beginning in 1901, and therefore, is the original
company for saccharin and then owned aspartame.
Monsanto appears to have orchestrated the entire saccharin
and NutraSweet marketing and publicity campaign all this

Hope this helps.

To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: MS

Q: Hello Dr. Hull:

I was recently diagnosed with MS and asked to start
on the medication. I stopped using it after 8 weeks,
as I didn't believe it was the best solution. I'm
scheduled to redo all tests: MRI, vision, etc. however I
want to know is it really reversible if I get the hair
analysis and follow the plans as described at your website.
I don't believe in taking medication unless completely
necessary and right now I don't have the clinical diagnosis
for MS; just an assumption from the symptoms. Pls. let
me know your thoughts. I'm immediately going to stop
using Aspartame products. Thanks.

A: I believe there is a cause for every symptom and that
health problems just don't appear one day out of nowhere.
I can imagine you are upset and want some solutions.
If the doctors aren't sure if this is 'enough MS' to label as
MS but are going solely on the manifested symptoms in
order to do so (as they did with my Grave's Disease), I
would investigate the cause of why this happened in the
first place before you let them take over. Then, you can
attack the possible cause and see if the symptoms don't
disappear on their own. It doesn't sound as if your body
has gone too far to have irreversible damage.

You may enjoy reading my book, as you will feel as if you
are reading about yourself. I had a textbook case of
Grave's Disease that was incurable according to the medical
books. I cured my 'disease' in one month. I've been
perfectly healthy ever since for 11 years now. It was all
aspartame. So, let's see what's going on inside of you so
before the docs get a hold of you and then things will really
get complicated.

I hope this offers some encouragement.

Dr. Janet Hull


DaimlerChrysler Has Recalled the 2003 DODGE RAM


DaimlerChrysler Has Recalled the 1997-2002 PLYMOUTH


White Wave Has Recalled Vanilla Silk Soymilk
Reason: May contain a caustic, sodium hydroxide based
material used to clean and sanitize manufacturing equipment.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Dynacraft Has Recalled BMX Bicycles
Reason: The stems on these bicycles can loosen during use,
causing riders to lose control and fall.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Thomson Has Recalled Home Entertainment Amplifiers
Reason: The amplifier can overheat due to a lack of ventilation.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Campbell Soup Has Recalled Soup Products
Reason: May be contaminated with an undeclared allergen
Distribution: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Utah and


Amen Wardy Home Has Recalled Multi-purpose Lighters
Shaped Like Matchsticks
Reason: The lighters lack child-resistant mechanisms that meet
Federal safety standards.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Wal-Mart Has Recalled Fabric Lanterns
Reason: The fabric is not flame retardant and can be ignited
by the lantern's votive candle, posing a fire hazard.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Baby's Dream Furniture Has Recalled Cribs
Reason: The three hinges along the fold-down drop gate
can crack or break and allow babies to have their fingers
Distribution: Nationwide.


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