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October 2003

Publisher: Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN
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This month's Healthy Newsletter is lots of fun. Plenty of
great Did You Knows, a super Healthy Recipe, and more on
hormones. The Gov't Recalls/Safety Alerts are a virtual
'Home Improvement' section of recalls this month!

Remember to watch for aspartame in those Halloween
treats if the kids Trick or Treat or if attending holiday parties
at school or with friends.

Wishing you and your loved ones the best.

To your health!
Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN


=> Cool Feedback
=> Aspartame Interview With Dr. Hull From Singapore
=> Personal Hormone Profile Part 2
=> Did You Know?
=> Q & A with Dr. Hull
=> This Month's Healthy Recipe
=> Safety Alerts/Government Recalls


Aspartame Dangers Revealed

10 Steps To Detoxification

Hair Analysis Program


Comments: Just would like to let you know that the word
about aspartame is getting out. Here in Toronto (Canada)
the dangers of Aspartame are now mentioned in some of
our chemistry and biology books. I work part time in a
large chain grocery store (Loblaws) and when costumers
ask for my opinion, I strongly discourage anything that has
aspartame in it.

Alex, Toronto


This aspartame interview was granted on 8/30/03 with
Rebecca Kang from Singapore:

Q: How often does an average person happen to consume
products with aspartame?

A; Daily in the United States. Aspartame is put into so
many different products, consumers are exposed to it without
awareness much of the time. Aspartame is in many products
NOT labeled sugar-free, such as gums, cereals, ice creams,
yogurts, and medications. I also have clients who consume
up to a 12 pack of diet colas daily. And keep in mind, that
children are consuming more and more aspartame laced
products at earlier and earlier ages, which means they will
develop health problems at earlier and earlier ages.
Henceforth, the onslaught of children's disease syndromes -
diabetes, ADD/ADHD, depression and behavioral disorders.

Q: What is the limit for safe aspartame consumption?

A: None. No human, nor any animal, should intake methanol
at any dose at any time - ever.

Q: Aspartame is a very controversial food additive and has
alleged harmful effects. However, is there any proof for that

A: Numerous research studies. Reference Sweet Poison, as
I write about the independent research scientists with
tangible research results of harm to the fetes and adult
laboratory animals. One fact to note: independent researchers
have proven over and over again the dangers of aspartame,
while the research stating it is safe has been performed by
research scientists on 'corporate payrolls.' This is not
objective research but has the power of money behind it.
Independent researchers don't have the financial backing,
so they are pushed out of the spotlight and kept silent.

Q: Would you agree that the public in general is poorly
informed about aspartame? If so, what are the possible

A: Absolutely correct. The reason is money and greed. The
pharmaceutical companies own most of the products
aspartame is found in, and they also own the advertising
entities, and the drugs prescribed for the health symptoms
caused by aspartame. Therefore, the same companies who
are causing the problem profit from the drugs to mask the
symptoms. They control the whole game, and have financial
interest in the government agencies responsible for public

Q: We recently did a survey on the awareness of Singaporeans
towards Aspartame. Results clearly show that a majority of
Singaporeans have no idea what aspartame is. And also a
considerable portion would not bother to find out what it is,
despite hints that it could be suspicious.

A: Apathy is a danger in modern societies. Too little time,
too much pressure at work, and too many conveniences with
too little physical effort to get them. People are becoming
lazy. The younger generations are becoming lazy, too. If
we all would learn from history and from our elders and
remember to get back to the basics of living as they once did,
the diseases and mental instability caused by the toxins
within our environments and our foods would be less today.
Money and 'things' have become too important. Our health
and mental stability are suffering because of it.

Q: As a nutritionist, would you agree that most Singaporeans
have little idea about what they eat? If so, what would you
advice us to do to increase this awareness in Singapore?

A: We must slow down, get back to the basics of life, and not
be sheep lead to the slaughter when it comes to modernized
foods and convenience products. Convenience and technology
is wonderful, but not to the degree that we can be so easily
manipulated and so easily lead down this road of imbalance.

Q: Would you, at all, advise Singaporeans on a need to find
out the safety of their food? Or would you trust that to the
health authorities?

A: I would not trust the authorities of any country who agree
to barter with corporations dealing financial gains at the
expense of the pubic. I once trusted our leaders to be fair and
truthful, but cannot and do not any more. As I wrote in
Sweet Poison, the FDA is not the bad guy in America, and for
the most part, governments as a whole are not at fault. It is a
chosen few individuals within the government agencies who
impose personal reward at the expense of millions of consumers.

If it weren't for the Internet, none of this information would be
public today. Neither you nor I would be sharing this information
right now. But as a professor, researcher and educator, I will
always believe that it is imperative that all people know both
sides of any issue. Truth is freedom. To manipulate the truth
is a crime. Make sure your political leaders are not willing to
'make a deal' with the larger corporations who profit at the
expense of the masses. And also make sure the truth behind
aspartame, and any issue, is allowed to be spoken publicly. In
America, the wealthy manufacturers pay-off or threaten those
who choose to air this information publicly. I have much proof
on this.

Q: If there is any other information you wish to add, feel free to
include it in the reply for the interview. We might have overlooked
some important points.

A: Please go back and reread Sweet Poison, as so much is
said within those pages. This issue is real, and not meant to
harm anyone (but the pocketbooks of those who gain millions).
This information is meant to teach individuals of all cultures
the hidden facts and dangers of a manipulated and very toxic
food chemical saturating the world's food supply. Money has
bought aspartame its position of power - not quality of goods.
People are getting very sick and weak from aspartame. That
is true and very real.

Good luck in your quest for perfection, truth, and understanding.
Our food supply is a web of confusion in modern times. Money,
greed and power are at the root of too many modern foods.
Politics interferes with human survival and health. Sad, but true.
What do we do? Get back to the basics of eating and drinking
so to feed our bodies and our minds what nature intended. Slow
down, take time to meditate and get to know yourself. Be happy
with who you are and don't strive for more than you need. To
open the door to future health, we must find the keys from the
past. There lie the answers of simplicity and health.

There is so much to say on this issue. The roots run deeply into
the self, politics, governments, and greed. All you can do is be
the best individual you can be, stay unattached to dependencies
and quick fixes. Look at the motives of those who push these
'drugs' on society and decide for yourself why this benefits you
above profit. If you can see no goodness or purity in a product,
put it back on the shelf.

And most importantly, teach the children how to get back to the
basics of life.....

Wishing you and Singaporeans well. Keep spreading the word
about aspartame and always stay open-minded.

Dr. Janet Hull


In last month's Healthy Newsletter, I began a series of short
articles on human hormones. In this month's newsletter, I
have written about estrogen. Next month's newsletter will
have an article on DHEA.

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that circulate
through your bloodstream to specific target cells where they
generate a wide range of biological responses. You might
think of hormones as the "prime movers" of your physical
and emotional well being.

Every time you get angry, become tired, laugh, cry, have
sex, wake up, feel hungry, or fall asleep your body is
responding to hormones. That's because hormone levels
can impact virtually every major system and organ in your


Estrogen is the name of a group of hormones that includes
Estrone, Estradiol, and Estriol. Estrogen imbalances can
trigger or worsen symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
(PMS) and menopause. Monitoring estrogen replacement
therapy is crucial to ensuring proper estrogen levels.

Estradiol is the primary estrogen produced by the ovaries
and is the principal female sex hormone responsible for
secondary sex characteristics. Estradiol modulates the
course of both the menstrual cycle and menopause, and
proper levels support well being during menstruation.

Estrone, formed from Estradiol, is a weak estrogen and
the most abundant found in the body AFTER menopause.

Estriol is produced in the placenta in large amounts during
pregnancy, is a breakdown product of Estradiol, and may
have anti-cancer effects. It is produced almost exclusively
during pregnancy and is the major estrogen produced in
the normal human fetus. High levels of Estriol are seen in
gestation. Otherwise the production of Estriol is uniformly
low regardless of menopausal status or gender.

Before menopause, Estradiol is the predominant estrogen
and after menopause, Estradiol levels drop so that Estrone
is predominant.

In females, the estrogens are necessary for fertility and
reproduction, breast development, the health of the skin,
vascular system and bone. They have an effect on blood
coagulation, cholesterol metabolism and female libido. But
don't forget that men have estrogens, too.

Estradiol is the most active form of estrogen in the human
body and helps maintain the size and density of breast tissue,
though excessive amounts may increase the risk of some
forms of breast cancer. Estradiol has a positive effect on skin
thickness, skin collagen, water content, skin softness, and
blood flow to the skin. Estradiol lowers LDL (the bad
cholesterol) and total cholesterol while increasing HDL levels
(the good cholesterol) and also significantly reduces the risk
of developing heart disease.

During menopause, a decrease in Estradiol is often
accompanied by hot flashes and night sweats. But I don't
perceive 'hot flashes' as the bad guy, as this is the body's
way of eliminating the excess Estradiol from the bloodstream
liken to sweating when working-out. A decrease in Estradiol
can augment a rise in heart disease, and an increased rate
of bone loss such as osteoporosis if the other estrogens and
hormones are not in a healthy balance. A proper nutrient
program is advantageous at this time.

In men, the amount of testosterone usually does not allow
Estradiol to have any significant physiological effects on the
body. If the amount of Estradiol compared to testosterone
increases, physiological changes can take place such as
broadening of the mid section, enlarged breasts, decreased
sex drive, and many other symptoms associated with low

Certain medications and drugs, hormone-laden foods, chronic
alcoholism and other chronic health conditions can result in
increased Estradiol levels in men.


* The Sago Palm is the finest source of vitamin C. Sago
Palm is prehistoric, dating back to a food source for the
dinosaurs, and has been used in food preparation and
medicines around the world for many centuries.

* 66% of your calories should ideally come from complex
carbohydrates, so grains such as pure oats should form a
major part of your daily diet.

* Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, such be
consumed in combinations of at least eight. Isolated amino
acids used in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, can be
dangerous to your long-term health.

* Instead of using chemicals as flow agents in vitamins and
medications, montmorillonite clay or French Green Clay can
be used instead. It's all natural, works just as well, and is
healthy for the body.

* It's best to take calcium supplements at night, as the body
heals and restores the bones, tissues, and nerves during the
dark, sleeping hours, not during the day.

* Adequate levels of progesterone are crucial for women
during menopause.

* The sulfur-containing compounds in garlic stimulate the
immune system to promote quicker healing from insect bites
and stings. Garlic increases the mobility of infection fighting
white blood cells and stimulates phagocytosis - the process
in which white blood cells consume invading bacteria.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: pH and infertility

Q: Dear Dr. Hull,
I have been trying to discover if there could be a connection
with pH balance and unexplained infertility. My physician has
not been able to assist me with this question, nor have any
of my physicians been able to diagnose the reason for my

I never thought about pH until reading an article recently
about pH balance and diet. I am almost 42 and realize that
time is running out but thought this would be worth
investigating. Any information you may have on the subject
would be greatly appreciated.

A: You may have some toxins deposited within the uterine
area that can block egg/sperm connection. pH can make a
difference if you're too acidic in the blood as well. Buy some
pH strips from the drug store and test your urine every
morning first thing. Normal body pH is 6.4. Nutritional clays,
green drinks like Barley Green(r) and Nature's Fuel from
Wellness & Renewal, and a vegetarian diet can increase body
pH. You can also buy pH drops at the health food store. Test
your pH before you buy any of these products, though.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Related Aspartame Symptoms

Q: I would be interested to know if you have run across
anyone who exhibited symptoms like I have. I'm a 52 yr
old male, 6'3", 230 lbs & love Pepsi One & use NutraSweet
in my coffee. Several years ago I began to experience pain
in my joints, especially in my legs. I've been to various Dr's
who thought I had to have some sort of arthritis because of
my age, however, x-rays & various blood tests don't show
anything. A friend has almost the exact symptoms but much
worse. He even went to the Mayo Clinic without any luck.
There is a clinic here in Minnesota that deals with toxification
and they indicated they had some connections with diet pops
that were exposed to excessive heat. Something about
changing the chemical composition within the soft drink that
has shown some connections with sore joints. This got me to
think about this and then I saw your advertisement in a paper
in an airport.

Have you come across anything like this and would your book
provide some help.

A: Yes, Sir. Aspartame is connected to arthritis symptoms,
joint pain (I have many male patients who complain of pain
in their feet upon waking), Carpel Tunnel symptoms, and low
back pain. These symptoms disappear when all aspartame is
removed form the diet. Not only do colas rob the bone and
muscle fibers of calcium and water, but they increase the
acidic level of tissues. Diet colas add to the toxins by leaving
residues of formaldehyde, formic acid, CO2, and on and on
and on....

My book, Sweet Poison, is a textbook for aspartame history,
research reports, and case histories. It'll really inform you
of the facts.

What magazine did you see info about my book? Just curious.
I never know where my work will show up -

Q: I found a small classified in an airport newspaper in St.
Paul. Question, those who had similar symptoms as me, how
long did it take before finding a significant change?

A: When all aspartame is removed (and check for hidden
aspartame in products not labeled sugar-free) and then
depleted nutrients restored - it takes about 14 to 30 days
before symptoms begin to disappear. Energy should return,
proper emotional responses, and the like. If you do not see a
marked improvement, you may have some toxins remaining
or more damage than visible. Give it more time, but your
health should restore in time.

Hope this helps. Good luck and good health.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Assistance
Q: I got your name and information from two of my clients.
One of whom you've treated. Last Nov. I was diagnosed with
Graves disease. My right eye protrudes 5 mm further than my
left eye, which hasn't changed. I did have high thyroid numbers,
but not terribly, and also suffered no symptoms. I'm on a small
dose of medicine, and it is bringing my numbers down, but they
tell me my eye won't go back to normal and could grow again
anytime. I drink approximately one diet drink a day.
Sometimes going months without any. Then one a day for a while.
I have no other symptoms that I know about, such as fatigue,
headaches etc. Could I honestly have this poison? I appreciate
any info you can share. Thank you.

A: Thank you for your e-mail. I feel you can be helped by
getting off ALL aspartame. I think you would enjoy reading
my book, Sweet Poison, as it will answer all your questions and
more. Aspartame is creating more and more cases of thyroid
problems, and I am seeing specific cases of Graves Disease
disappear when removing aspartame and restoring the nutrients
it depletes from the body. Your eyes should return to normal
when your thyroid condition does - mine did !!!

I hope this helps. Good luck with your quest for answers.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Aspartame questions (two questions)

Q: What are the early symptoms of aspartame poisoning?

A: headaches, restless sleeping, weight gain, emotional mood
swings and irritability

Q: In your research, have you found aspartame to cause
particular problems in diabetics? For example, does it
amplify the symptoms of diabetes?

A: Absolutely. The components of aspartame are not meant
to be ingested individually, and the methanol is not meant
to be ingested EVER by animals. These ingredients create
an imbalance within glycogen metabolism beginning in the
brain, filtering down through the hormone centers such as
the thyroid gland, and affecting the insulin signals for
proper insulin production. Aspartame interferes with
carbohydrate metabolism, which also affects blood sugar
levels. Aspartame also interferes with proper digestion and
elimination by decreasing body pH levels to be highly acidic.
All this contributes to abnormal metabolism and carb.
assimilation, which affects insulin. Adult Onset diabetes
worsens with a diet filled with aspartame, and Insulin
Dependant diabetics worsen as their carb metabolism and
digestion are seriously impaired anyway. If they are 'living'
on diet drinks, etc. they are not getting enough water nor
proper nutrients as a safe bet. So, they worsen matters by
feeding their bodies junk nutrition full of chemicals rather
than helping improve an already volatile situation.

Stay away from any aspartame - it isn't worth it!

To Your Health,
Janet Hull

Artichoke Stuffed With Brie
(with whole grain mustard sauce)

The kids will eat this!

I artichoke
2 oz Brie
I T chopped shallots
4 oz white wine
8 oz butter (1/4" slices)
2 oz whole grain mustard
1 T white wine vinegar
squeeze of lemon juice
salt & pepper

Cut off the top of the artichoke. Cook it in boiling water
for 10 to 15 minutes until the bottom is easy to pierce with
a fork. Run artichoke under cold water to stop the cooking
process. When cool enough to handle, cut the inner choke
away from the heart. Cut the Brie into 1/2" chunks. Place
the Brie into the artichoke and throughout the leaves. Place
on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees F until the Brie
has melted (approx. 10 minutes).

To make the mustard sauce, combine the shallots and
white wine in a saucepan over high heat. Slowly add the
butter and remove from heat. Then add mustard, white
wine vinegar, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice to
the mixture. Drizzle mixture over artichoke and serve.

Serves 3-4.


SafetyAlerts/Government Recalls

Graco Has Recalled Snugride Infant Car Seats
Reason: The carrier could detach from the base, possibly
resulting in serious injury or death.
Distribution: Nationwide
The Toro Company Has Recalled Snow throwers
Reason: The plastic fuel tank can crack and leak gasoline,
posing a risk for fire and injury.
Distribution: Nationwide
Maytag Has Recalled Repair Gas Ranges
Reason: The range can experience a delayed ignition
flashback fire in the upper oven, which poses a fire and
burn hazard to consumers.
Distribution: Nationwide
OWT and Sears Roebuck Have Recalled Electric Routers
Reason: The on-off switch on the routers could stick in
the "on" position, posing a risk of serious lacerations to
the operator and bystanders.
Distribution: Nationwide
Hitachi Has Recalled Circular Saws
Reason: The lower blade guards on these saws can stick
in the open position, exposing the blade and posing a
serious laceration hazard.
Distribution: Nationwide
Ampacco Has Recalled Always Save brand Taco Seasoning
Reason: Taco seasoning pouches were accidentally filled
with brown gravy mix. The brown gravy mix contains milk,
wheat, and soy ingredients, which are not listed on the taco
Distribution: Nationwide.
Albers Medical Distributors Has Recalled Lipitor
Reason: Counterfeit Lipitor represent a potentially significant
risk to consumers.
Distribution: Nationwide.
International Playthings Has Recalled Toy Vehicles
Reason: Small parts on the vehicles can detach, posing a
choking hazard to young children.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Monarch Velo, doing business as Catlike Has Recalled Bike
Reason: The helmets fail impact testing required under
CPSC's safety standard for bicycle helmets, violating the
Consumer Product Safety Act.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Sea Gull Lighting Has Recalled Ceiling Light Fixtures
Reason: The wiring in the lights can short, posing a fire
hazard to consumers.
Distribution: Nationwide.
United General Supply Has Recalled Extension Cords
Reason: The extension cords have undersized conductors
and no over- current protection, which causes overheating,
presenting a shock and fire hazard.
Distribution: Nationwide.


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