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June 2003

Publisher: Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN
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June's Healthy Newsletter is early this month because I
am excited about announcing my new book, 10 Steps To
Detoxification. It's available as an eBook so readers on the
Internet can access it instantly with a simple print command.
My new book is a virtual counseling session with me, and I
happily share all my secrets to detoxification and good health.

I want to thank my oldest son for making this eBook reality.
He owns The Pickle Network, an innovative Internet
Company, and has invested hundreds of hours and his
expertise to make this information, including the Healthy
Newsletter, easily available.

Wishing you the best.

To your health!
Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN


=> The Key To Detoxification
=> Did You Know?
=> Q & A with Dr. Hull
=> SafetyAlerts/Government Recalls


Sweet Poison is a must-read for anyone consuming food
or drinks containing aspartame. It will open your eyes to
what you're putting into your body and may save your life
or the life of someone you love. Don't pick up another
diet drink without reading about the "sweet poison."

Click the link below to read more about Sweet Poison:


Technology. We live in a grand time of technological
development. Computers, the Internet, cell phones, digital
cameras and DVDs. But the human body has not 'kept up'
with technology. Human beings certainly shouldn't eat
technology! But that is happening today as a result of the
onslaught of chemicals in our foods and environments, and
with the impending threat of chemical warfare.

This very second, your physical body is mysteriously
functioning internally exactly the way human bodies functioned
10,000 years ago. Because our bodies today are the same
as in the past, it is critical to eat, drink, and live the same
as in years past - centuries past. But modern societies are
adopting one of the most unnatural lifestyles known to mankind.
Cancer rates and cardiovascular disease in the United States
alone are among the highest in the world as a result of
technology interfering with our food supply and living


Have you ever washed greasy dishes without hot water or dish
soap? The dishes don't get clean, do they? When toxic metals
and chemical food additives get inside your body, it takes a
strong "cleanser" to scrub your body clean from the inside out.
The combination of vitamins and minerals through detoxification
work in this fashion to remove toxins from your body tissues
and body organs, from your water stores, fat deposits, and within
your bloodstream. Natural cleansing is critical to remove body
toxins, and protects from re-depositing them somewhere else in
the body.

Toxins, such as lead, Mercury, and the side effects of
aspartame's by-products of formic acid and formaldehyde,
block nutrients from getting into normal body cells in the
same fashion a lead shield blocks radiation during an x-ray.
If toxins are present within your body, oxygen and the
body's "food supply" cannot get inside your cells to supply
needed nutrients, nor can the cells' waste products get out.
Diseases, such as cancer, now have an environment in
which to form. When these body toxins are removed, your
body can then restore a healthy balance.


The basic philosophy behind any affective detox program is to
identify, remove, and restore.

Identify what toxins are at the root of your health problems.

Identify = hair analysis

Remove the toxins by cleansing your body.

Remove = detoxification

Restore lost nutrients.

Restore = nutritional supplements

Like pealing the layers off an onion, as each layer is removed
through detoxification, the underlying layers reveal what's
really behind disease symptoms. The deeper you go toward
removing the 'core' of the problem, healing becomes long-term


I counsel with people worldwide, and have witnessed nine out
of ten clients restore their health by following the Ten Step
Detox Program. Begin with detoxing your body of all residual
chemical toxins and see if any adverse health symptoms remain.
Try these steps for yourself, and within 30 days your symptoms
should improve if not completely disappear.
The Ten Steps:

  1. Remove all chemicals from your diet.
  2. Learn to 'read' your body. Begin recording any health changes.
  3. Get a hair analysis.
  4. Be happy with yourself.
  5. Detoxify.
  6. Restore depleted nutrients.
  7. Exercise and get plenty of rest.
  8. Eat 75% raw foods at every meal.
  9. Drink water, water, water.
  10. Get control of your life.

Do not overlook the fact that healing from disease and illness
takes faith, personal strength, and perseverance. Curing
illness and degenerative diseases with a mind-body approach
might be considered old-fashioned and ineffective when
compared to today's high tech prescriptions, but it's essential
that human beings remember that the roots of disease and
their cures are as old-fashioned as the body itself, and healing
begins with SELF.

For a chapter overview of the 10 Steps and Detox Program,
visit the link below:



A hair analysis determines exactly what chemicals are inside
of you, including radiation. Generic medical lab tests don't
identify deep tissue toxins nor nutrient depletions the same
way a hair analysis does.

The protein in hair fiber holds the composition of the body
tissues for a permanent period. By analyzing your hair fiber
composition, you can tell what toxins have accumulated in
the body tissues and what vitamins and minerals are depleted
or too abundant causing imbalances in body function. By
detoxifying unnatural chemicals and by replacing specific
vitamins individual to your needs, proper health can be
restored using nutrition. The human hair analysis points out
these levels, making the hair analysis the BEST tool out there.

The link below provides a sample hair analysis report of a
twenty-year-old male toxic in Mercury. Andy has been a
vegetarian all of his life, and ate canned tuna most every day.
His over-all toxins were low and his nutrients were fairly
balanced, but his Mercury level was dangerously high which,
in turn, depleted his lithium stores. Lithium is a critical
element that supports emotional and hormonal development.
Thinking he was on a 'healthy' diet, Andy would never have
known the potential health dangers within his tissues and
bloodstream without having a hair analysis performed. He is
relieved to know he prevented future health problems, and now
knows how to adjust his diet and supplement program to achieve
optimum health.

Andy's Hair Analysis:

Good nutrition works.

* Take the time to determine at which point you mau have
gotten off track nutritionally and what 'poisons' you have
been exposed to.

* Detox your body of all environmental and food chemicals
you may have been exposed to throughout your lifetime.

* Restore depleted nutrients through proper supplements
and whole foods.

Toxins are at the root of most diseases, and once they are
removed, health and well being return. An affective detoxification
plan removes the source of disease symptoms, such as
aspartame or radiation poisoning, detoxifies toxic residue from
the body, and replaces specific nutrients to regain a state of
wellness. Detoxing the body removes toxins from chemicals
quickly and can actually remove most chemical toxins from your
body tissues and body organs, from your water stores, and from
fat stores within your bloodstream, along with assisting in the
elimination of those toxins via the bowels and pores of the body.

The quicker you begin, the better.

For more information on Dr. Hull's Detox Program, visit the link



* A packet of Equal® sprinkled in the corner of your kitchen
will wipe out carpenter ants. The little black ants will not
eat it but merely run from it. So mixing it with a little
apple juice will quickly exterminate them.

* Both vitamins A & E require fatty acids to be absorbed.

* Flaxseed oil used both topically and orally provides a highly
nourishing EFA to increase absorption of A & E and aids in
healing sunburn, acne, deep cuts, scrapes, bruises, bites,
minor irritations, and dandruff.

* Common foods used for relief of kidney, bladder, and
urinary problems include asparagus, beets, juice, cornsilk
black-eyed pea hulls, carrots, cherry tea, cranberries,
garlic, kidney beans, onions, parsley, radishes, saga tea,
and watermelon.

* Medical research shows that eczema is related to the
body's inability to convert linoleic acid to GLA
(gamma linolenic).

* Mexican-Americans have three times the levels of the
banned pesticide DDT in their systems as other Americans.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Low fat diet

Q: I'm a student at Brimsham Green School, Yate, Bristol
and I am doing a project on healthy eating and low fat meals.
I was inquiring if you could give me any relevant information
on the subject especially on which foods to eat when eating
a low fat diet.

Please could you e-mail me back if you can help?
Thank you

Yours sincerely

A: Amberley,

Good luck on your project. I have gone into detail on
healthy eating in my book if you have a chance to read it.
Low fat foods that are chemically altered mean nothing to
the body when it is searching for real food in which to gather
nutrients. Most fat-free low-fat manufactured products are
filled with plastic-based oils that damage the liver and gall
bladder. It's best to stay with natural butters and oils like
seed oils. These process all the way through the body and
excrete without adding fat or storing fat.

The body also needs natural fat and sugar to protect and fuel
it. The no sugar and no fat modern-day diets are only
marketing hypes and are not healthy. This is why America
and most modernized countries are really unhealthy and
people wind up depending on medication and surgeries to
keep them alive. The countries like China that eat natural
diets without manufactured fake foods as a staple are much
healthier and live longer lives doctor-free.

This is probably not what you expected to hear from me, but
I believe it is a key to living a natural and balanced life.
Eat like the animals in the wild do - they aren't fat!!

Good luck in your search for answers.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Am I taking the right vitamins?

Q: The following I do everyday: 1 tsp. clay, digestive
enzymes after every meal, B-complex, multi and 6,000
mg vitamin C split up after each meal and calcium (3-5)
tablets after dinner and for pain. 4 tablets of the cal/mag
supply 600 mg magnesium. Is this enough? I am also
down to 150 mg niacin a day (but probably down to 100
by tomorrow, as I did flush a lot yesterday.)

A: I'd hold it at 1 will get your 00 to 150 mg. five days a
week for an unlimited time. It's good for the blood and
cholesterol to stay on niacin. You levels to a lifetime
maintenance program, and remain on this routine forever.
(Not so much the detox, but the supplements.) This is
what we have to do to survive in such a toxic world.

Do the detox once a week to cleanse any toxins you may
be exposed to such as air pollution, an increase in radiation,
or toxic medications.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Detox reactions

Q. May I ask a personal question: Did you ever get sick
while detoxing and what did you do to get better?

Thank you very much.

A: Yes, I did, and many of my clients do. I've asked some
with cancer as they detox, "Have you ever SEEN what
cancer looks like? Well, you have now..." When you detox
the body of the cause of health problems, you actually see
and feel what the body has felt for months while sick. We
only witness that for ourselves when it has reached a point
of surfacing through headaches, skin reactions, or organ
malfunction. We 'see' what the body had been dealing with
for a longer time than we knew. Removing it is scary
sometimes, uncomfortable, and may cause a flu-like reaction.
As long as acute pain or fever doesn't follow, then it's
merely a temporary response to the removal of something

Many times people experience what you did, plus body
odor and foul bowel smells, sometimes they'll break out
temporarily, and lots of headaches. You get the picture, but
if they ride the storm and keep driving the cleanse, they will
eventually get to the bottom layer and that's when the body
can begin to breathe. While detoxing, the vitamin supplements
are restoring what was lost during illness. So, the body has
the tools to remove toxins and restore nutrients. Wellness
usually follows.

Go back and re-read Sweet Poison and it will remind you of
how sick I was. NO ONE understood my natural approach -
not my husband, friends nor parents. They all thought I was
crazy. My doctor thought I was, for sure. I monitored my
own progress without my doc's knowledge, but got better
week-by-week. After three months, he set me free as
completely healed from Grave's Disease - impossible, he said,
but I did it.

Have faith, learn everything you can, question your doctor
and if need be, it's OK to disagree with him/her as you have
HIRED him - not the other way around. Find a doctor that
will work with you and support you if you have to. You feel
a bit unsure, I suppose, because you have no support from
the doctor other than medicate, medicate, medicate for the
rest of your life.

Hope this helps. Don't be afraid of the detox and any
negative reactions - it won't make things worse, just surface
them temporarily.

I appreciate your questions and concerns. That's part of it,

To Your Health,
Dr. Janet Hull


Watson Diagnostics Has Recalled Nicotine Polacrilex Gum
Reason: Contamination: pieces of latex gloves were found in
the gum.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Fresh Express Has Recalled Hearts of Romaine
Reason: Because it has the potential to be contaminated
with Listeria monocytogenes.
Distribution: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado,
Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri,
Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington,
Wisconsin, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario.


King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levoxyl Tablets
Reason: Subpotency; during stability testing.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Forest Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levothroid Tablets
Reason: Contamination; tablets contain trace levels of the
solvent isophorone.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Various Drugs
Reason: Contaminated, product contains stainless steel
Distribution: Nationwide, and Canada, Singapore, Thailand,
Lithuania, Bosnia, Pakistan, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia,
Hong Kong, Malta, Croatia, Bulgaria, Brazil, England, Italy


Hope African Food Has Recalled Catfish
Reason: The firm violated its Consent Decree of Permanent
Injunction by continuing to ship dried smoked catfish products
to consumers after August 23, 2002.
Distribution: IL, MD, TX, GA, FL, TN, MN, CO, NJ, and CA.


Purdue Frederic Has Recalled Senokot-S Tablets
Reason: Mislabeled; Labeling does not indicate
dosage instructions
for children under 2 years of age.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Olympic Pharmacy & Healthcare Has Recalled Liquid Oxygen
Reason: GMP deviations, including but not limited to, failure
to maintain records of testing for purity, strength, and
Distribution: WA.


Leiner Health Has Recalled Fiber Drugs
Reason: Tablet mixup; bottles may contain
acetaminophen tablets
Distribution: Nationwide.


Teva Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Enalapril Maleate Tablets
Reason: Degradation: Related compound specification failure
(18 month stability).
Distribution: Nationwide.


Watson Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Methocarbamol Tablets
Reason: Dissolution Failure; 3 month stability sample.
Distribution: Nationwide.


Carriage House Has Recalled Food Club brand Tartar Sauce
Reason: The product contains undeclared egg yolks.
Distribution: Nationwide.


BCN Trading Has Recalled Asian Boy Brand Sweet Lotus
Reason: Because the product contains undeclared sulfites.
Distribution: New York.


Lakeview Farms Has Recalled Guacamole Dip
Reason: The product contains undeclared color, FD&C Yellow
Distribution: CA, AZ, PA, IL, IA, TX, and UT.


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