Study Shows Aspartame Causes Memory Loss

As more people suffer from some form of dementia, and as learning disorders, such as ADD/ADHD, magnify into the most common childhood disorder today, American consumers remain unaware of the cause. There is research proving aspartame's connection to memory loss and learning impairment, but the diet sweetener industry doesn't want you to know about it. The Tsakiris study from Greece is one of the most definitive research studies proving aspartame's connection to memory loss and learning disorders. This is yet another aspartame study that has been hidden from public view. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];... Continue Reading

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Methanol: A chemical Trojan Horse

This article is by a friend of mine, Woodrow Monte, an expert on methanol. Methanol: A chemical Trojan Horse as the root of the Inscrutable U Monte, WC, Arizona State University (retired), 470 South Rainbow Drive, Page, Arizona 86040, United States. Until 200years ago, methanol was an extremely rare component of the human diet and is still rarely consumed in contemporary hunter and gatherer cultures. With the invention of canning in the 1800s, canned and bottled fruits and vegetables, whose methanol content greatly exceeds that of their fresh counterparts, became far more prevalent. The recent dietary introduction of aspartame, an... Continue Reading

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Aspartame Approval WAS Rescinded

The dangers of aspartame are not new by any means. The most current research studies showing aspartame is a carcinogen are not new discoveries proving the dangers of aspartame. Aspartame was determined to be a dangerous chemical as early as the 1960s. Over the past 30 years, aspartame has been identified as a carcinogen, a chemical that eats holes in brain tissue, and a dangerous food additive during pregnancy. Aspartame has been proven in research studies to lower the IQ of a fetus an average of 20 points, to deform the cleft palette during fetal development, and to adversely... Continue Reading

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Unlocking Your Health With Keys From The Past

Curing illness as we did in times past might be considered old-fashioned and outdated when compared to today's high tech standards, but our physical bodies haven't changed over time nor have the effects of disease. But, the magnitude of modern treatments and the chemicals that cause illness have changed. We must not forget that the roots of disease and their cures are as old-fashioned as the body itself. I cured myself of a diagnosed "incurable" case of Grave's Disease using old-fashioned nutritional techniques. I refused to buy into the arrogance that modern-day medicine was my only hope of recovery. I... Continue Reading

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from the "inGREEDients" movie David Burton, Sir Rebel Films, has produced a short-film on his new documentary on the dangers of aspartame. "This is very important information for anyone who eats food," says Burton, "The style of the film is to show what everyone is saying about aspartame... everyone has a different story. The FDA says its safe. CSPI says there's "no proof", but it could cause cancer. Activists say its toxic. People are sick! So people should not eat it. Even CSPI has 2 different opinions on the subject. "I think the point of the video is "don't eat... Continue Reading

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Making Life Sweet - Splenda®: Is It Safe Or Not?

There's a sweetener war going on out there - a battle for your dollar at the expense of human health. It is important to educate yourself on the facts about Splenda, aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal®), and all the other sugar substitutes available on today's sugar-free market. In order to make a decision whether to use chemical sweeteners or not, you must have all the data available, good and bad. But ALL the information is hard for the general public to find. I have spent over fifteen years working with victims of aspartame because the truth and information about the dangers of aspartame... Continue Reading

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Equal's maker, Merisant Worldwide, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Source: Equal's maker, Merisant Worldwide, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy By Mike Hughlett | Tribune reporter January 10, 2009 Chicago-based Merisant Worldwide Inc., maker of the artificial sweetener Equal, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Friday, hobbled by the global credit crisis and sliding sales. Merisant, largely owned by private-equity firm Pegasus Capital Advisors, is saddled with $560.7 million in debt, compared with $331.1 million in assets, according to U.S. Bankruptcy Court filings in Delaware. Its biggest creditors are holders of its publicly traded bonds, who are owed $362 million. Merisant was scheduled to make $78.3 million in debt payments... Continue Reading

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